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Pre-order issue #1 at your local comic shop by the final order cutoff date of May 27, 2019 to guarantee yourself a copy when it goes on sale June 19, 2019!

PSI-LORDS #1 Cover A Diamond Code – APR192032
PSI-LORDS #1 Cover B Diamond Code – APR192033
PSI-LORDS #1 Cover C Diamond Code – APR192034
PSI-LORDS #1 Blank Cover Diamond Code – APR192035
PSI-LORDS #1-12 Pre-Order Bundle Diamond Code – APR192037

Who are the cosmic beings known only as the Psi-Lords? And how will they change the course of the Universe in this brand-new ongoing series?

Four astronauts awake in an otherworldly prison with no memory of how they got there! What is their connection to the Psi-Lords? And how will they escape?

Fred Van Lente is crafting a lively sci-fi mystery, and Renato Guedes’ art is (literally) out of this world.

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