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August 11th, 2022 — Valiant Entertainment‘s boundary-pushing storytelling continues with an exciting lineup bringing flagship and fan-favorite characters to the forefront. So, what does the future hold for the iconic shared universe? Nonstop bloody violence, a fight against shadows taking hold in the recesses of light, and a king finding his way back to his rightful throne. And that’s just the beginning…

Duty unbound. Power unmatched. BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED! Debuting September 21st, Valiant’s first-ever Mature Readers title BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED will explode onto shelves and digital platforms everywhere as the globally renowned action franchise returns. With writer Deniz Camp and artist Jon Davis-Hunt, BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED is a brutally unflinching examination of who the character is, set against a backdrop of violence that exposes his traumatic past by pitting him against deadly rampaging monsters who reflect his own place in the Valiant Universe.

The final chance to preorder BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED is August 29th. Get your preorders in before it’s too late to collect all of the action figure variants across issues #1-4 featuring threezero’s upcoming Bloodshot action figure homaging classic Bloodshot covers and be sure to look out for the carbon fiber 1/250 variant that is the perfect addition to any fan’s collection.

Then, evil returns to kick off the new year in January with the conclusion of the epic crossover event BOOK OF SHADOWS bringing together the Dark Defenders of the Valiant Universe – Shadowman, Eternal Warrior, Punk Mambo, Doctor Mirage and Persephone – for the first time. The ancient and terrifying new villain Exarch Fane has begun the Dark Feast upon our world and no one will be spared. It’s a can’t miss event with writer Cullen Bunn and artist Vicente Cifuentes that has garnered critical and fan acclaim alike with Comicpop! calling it “exactly what the Valiant Universe needs!

Warrior. Slave. Liberator. King. In March, 2023 Valiant’s flagship character X-O Manowar charts a course back to his throne in X-O MANOWAR UNCONQUERED. Featuring the superstar team of Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, and Liam Sharp, the all-new series looks to the stars with Aric marooned on a distant planet with only his sentient armor Shanhara by his side. Following the celebrated character’s 30th anniversary, X-O MANOWAR UNCONQUERED will find Aric faced with new planets, old villains, and brutal destinies.

Remember to get your preorders in now for the Mature Readers title BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED and prepare for a future defined by the instantly classic storytelling only Valiant can deliver. Your adventure into the Valiant Universe is just a book away.

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