Preorder the Valiant FigZero S 1/12 BLOODSHOT Action Figure Now!

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Valiant Entertainment is thrilled to announce that the Valiant 1/12 Bloodshot is the first hero in a new line of Valiant Universe action figures and preorders are available now!

Join the iconic superheroes in the fight to save the world and show how you #StayValiant!

Meet Bloodshot. He is the shade of gray that freedom requires. The perfect confluence of military necessity and cutting-edge nano-technology. A walking WikiLeaks. A reservoir of dirty secrets that could set the world on fire. And now he is the perfect addition to any fan’s collection with an all-new action figure in partnership with threezero!

The Valiant – FigZero S 1/12 Bloodshot action figure stands at 6” (~15.2cm) tall with a highly-detailed sculpt and fully-articulated body with 39 points of articulation. Accessories include fabric black t-shirt and harness, one katana with scabbard, one assault rifle, one submachine gun, one pistol, and four pairs of interchangeable hands.

Retail price: $69.90, expected to ship 4th quarter 2022. Preorder yours HERE!

For more BLOODSHOT greatness, check out this great interview from threezero with artist Jon Davis-Hunt from the upcoming BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED series set to release this September featuring the character’s first Mature Rated outing.

They discuss everything from how exciting it is to see BLOODSHOT as an action-figure, what to expect from Valiant and threezero next, and what it’s like to take on the character in the BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED comic series!

And don’t forget to preorder BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED #1 from your local comics store and catch up on BLOODSHOT’S latest, mature-rated missions, coming this September!

When living weapons break out of a top-secret facility, the nanite-infused supersoldier BLOODSHOT must journey across the United States to stop these twisted and lethal creations from unleashing more bloodshed and devastation on the neglected small towns and forgotten corners of the country. Will Bloodshot need to kill all of them… or can some of them be redeemed just like he was? From Ringo Award-nominated writer DENIZ CAMP and acclaimed artist JON DAVIS-HUNT comes BLOODSHOT UNLEASHED, the popular character’s first mature readers story that truly lives up to its name. The mayhem begins this September.

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