Meet Valiant’s New Assistant Editor Audrey Meeker!

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September 28th, 2021 – From an internship to the Editorial department…

Meet former Valiant Entertainment intern and current Valiant Assistant Editor Audrey Meeker. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sequential Art and a minor in Creative Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Audrey learned a lot about the hard work that goes into creating comics during her education. “I gained a lot of invaluable knowledge on the comics-making process from both my professors and the industry professionals they brought in,” said Audrey. “While in school, my peers and I also started a micro-press called Level Ground Comics. This collaborative experience really set me on the path to wanting to work in comics publishing as an editor.”

After making an impact as an intern, Valiant was more than happy to offer Audrey the opportunity to join the team full-time as an Assistant Editor. Audrey’s responsibilities include communicating with comic book creators, reviewing pitches, managing and organizing files, and supporting Executive Editor Rob Levin and Senior Editor Lysa Hawkins. “I’m excited about working with the people in this company,” stated Audrey about returning to Valiant after her internship. “They made me feel very valued as an intern, and I’m now excited about working beside them to make great stories.

Lysa is confident that Audrey’s creativity and drive will help Valiant reach new heights. “Audrey is a great addition to our editorial troop. She brought a fresh new vision as our intern, and we are so excited to see what she will bring to the table as our assistant. Huzzah, Audrey!

Fun fact: Audrey’s favorite Valiant character is Punk Mambo. “I think her character design is super unique, and I especially love her take-no-prisoners attitude,” explained Audrey. “Plus, the complexity of her character makes me want to learn more and more about her, which I may get to do in the future…

Luckily for Audrey, Punk Mambo will return in the next arc of SHADOWMAN, which begins in issue #5 this January.

Stay Valiant, everyone.

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