Meet Valiant HQ: Travis Escarfullery, Director of Design and Production

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As part of our Virtual Valiant HQ Fridays, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to get to know the folks behind the scenes here at Valiant HQ. This week, we sat down with Director of Design and Production, Travis Escarfullery, to ask about design, his earliest days in the industry, and what keeps his job interesting.

Valiant: What does the Director of Design and Production do?

Travis Escarfullery: Oversee and handle all phases of print production, which includes mocking up covers, compositing monthly titles, designing ads, packaging, and marketing materials. This role also involves developing and researching ideas for new cover concepts.

Valiant: How did you get your start at Valiant?

TE: After Wizard Magazine closed, I received a call from Fred [Pierce, Publisher] to come in for an interview. We spoke, and I’ve been here since day one of publishing.

Valiant: How has your job changed since you started at Valiant?

TE: I have more of a voice now, where I can express it with projects such as the specialty covers made out of glass, metal, and carbon fiber.

Valiant: What was your first job in comics?

TE: Actually my first job was here at Valiant. I was a production artist at Valiant back in 1993/94. Around 1996, I left and became a colorist on the books and then found my way back to Valiant.

Valiant: What advice do you have to people who want to do what you do?

TE: Patience, try to think outside the box and develop a tough skin. As a designer, someone is always going to have an opinion about your work. Sometimes it’s just to troll you. Just let it roll off your back and move on.

Valiant: What are your design pet peeves — things you see other designers do that you can’t stand?

TE: Maybe if the designer/artist is too full of themselves? We’re making comic books, not curing cancer.

Valiant: What would you say sets Valiant apart from other publishers?

TE: I think we have more of a connection with our fans, where they know us all by name.

Valiant: Who is your favorite Valiant character, and why?

TE: I like Divinity. He looks cool and has these god-like powers.

Valiant: What upcoming Valiant project (that you can talk about) are you most excited about and why?

TE: I have another glass cover in the works. Because of the material, it’s going to be challenging, but fun.

Valiant: What’s your favorite part of your job at Valiant?

TE: The versatility. I have the opportunity to work on several different types of projects, which keeps things interesting.  It’s always fun working on high-end variant covers because it requires constant problem-solving since the material used or the way they’re printed has never been done before.

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