Valiant Hero of the Week: Stay Valiant While Staying at Home

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There’s a new way to stay Valiant while you stay home: VALIANT HERO OF THE WEEK!

We want to offer some entertainment and escapism for Valiant fans during this challenging period. Every Monday for the next several weeks, Valiant will post a poll on Twitter that features four heroes, and the fans will determine who becomes the Valiant Hero of the Week! Once a hero is selected by the end of Monday, they will be celebrated throughout the week with:

  • Engaging social content encouraging fans to share their favorite art, covers, stories, and more
  • Free PDFs featuring the hero
  • Videos from Valiant staff saying why they love the hero and suggesting ways to celebrate
  • Giveaways
  • And more!

We’ll be using #ValiantAndQuarantine in all related posts. Please always feel free to reach out with asset requests – we’re happy to provide high res artwork, covers, PDFs, quotes from staff, and more.

Valiant Hero of the Week kicks off on Monday (March 30th) and we’ll be using #ValiantAndQuarantine in all related posts. The first poll will feature Bloodshot, Punk Mambo, Quantum & Woody, and Ninjak. Who will you vote for?

Stay healthy and stay Valiant, everyone.

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