#ValiantVisits: Bring Valiant to Your Local Comic Store with Newly Expanded Outreach Program!

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Valiant is ecstatic to announce the next phase of its celebrated retailer outreach program: #ValiantVisits, a new campaign meant to propel the publisher’s many local retailer partners into the public spotlight!

Valiant prides itself on being the publisher with a personal touch, and every year, roving representatives from Valiant’s sales team visit, on average, over 100 different retailers nationwide. With the new #ValiantVisits initiative, the company will join forces with even more shops to let fans know where they can go to get their fix of one of the biggest and most critically acclaimed superhero universes in comics!

Starting in Toronto with Fan Expo Canada this weekend from August 30th to September 2nd, Valiant will be expanding its time-honored practice of visiting local comic stores across the continent with an extensive slate of visits at over 30 different locations during nine upcoming comic conventions, including:

August 30th – September 2nd:
Fan Expo Canada @ Toronto, ON
Silver Snail
The Beguiling Books & Art
Cyber City Comix
Gotham Central Comics & Collectibles

September 6th – 8th:
FanX® Salt Lake Comic Convention™ @ Salt Lake City, UT
Black Cat Comics
Dragons Keep
Dr. Volt’s Comic Connection
The Nerd Store

September 7th – 9th:
Rose City Comic Con @ Portland, OR
Acme Comic Books & Trading Cards
Books with Pictures
Bridge City Comics
Excalibur Comics
Cosmic Monkey Comics
Cloud 9 Comics

September 8th – 9th:
Long Beach Comic Con @ Long Beach, CA
The Comic Bug
Atomic Comics
Brave New Worlds Comics
Njoy Games & Comics

Plus, store announcements are also coming soon for the following conventions:

September 14th – 16th:
Keystone Comic Con @ Philadelphia, PA

September 28th – 30th:
Baltimore Comic Con @ Baltimore, MD

October 4th – 7th:
New York Comic Con @ New York, NY

October 26th – 28th:
Los Angeles Comic Con (Comikaze) @ Los Angeles, CA

November 9th – 11th:
NC Comic Con @ Durham, NC

By checking out the hashtag #ValiantVisits, comic fans will be able to track the publisher’s sales representatives as they journey from shop to shop, speaking with local retailers about their business and offering exclusive Valiant swag to employees and customers alike!

Retailers, take note: Valiant is now accepting #ValiantVisits inquiries from now through 2019! If you’re interested in bringing Valiant to your local comic shop, whether as part of a local convention or for an individual visit, please reach out to a member of the sales team at

We’ll see you on the road!

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