First Look: NINJA-K #2 – Christos Gage & Tomás Giorello Play Spy Vs. Super-Spy on December 20th!

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Who is hunting the agents of MI-6’s most elite intelligence unit?

Valiant is proud to announce your first look inside NINJA-K #2 – the next daring 40-page mission for the EXPLOSIVE NEW ONGOING SERIES from acclaimed writer Christos Gage (Netflix’s Daredevil) and superstar artist Tomás Giorello (X-O MANOWAR)! On December 20th, Valiant’s next essential series charges forward as Colin King, the fearless super-spy known as Ninjak, faces an enemy that threatens to topple the most elite branch of Britain’s secret service!

One by one, the operatives of MI-6’s covert “Ninja Programme” are being murdered by an unseen threat that is as mysterious as it is deadly. But who could possibly have the knowledge and expertise to eliminate the lethal men and women of Britain’s most secret service…and why are they hellbent on reaping revenge against Colin King and his predecessors? As the walls close in around him, Ninjak must confront the bloodstained legacy that spawned him… before his own name gets crossed off the list…

Plus: Beginning in NINJA-K #2, veteran artist Ariel Olivetti (Punisher War Journal) joins NINJA-K mastermind Christos Gage for the next installment of an essential back-up feature revealing the top-secret origin of NINJA-A, the operative that birthed the “Ninja Programme” amidst the raging fires of the First World War’s Western Front!

Jump on board Valiant’s stunning new spy thriller here to find out why fans and critics worldwide have been stunned by the action-packed, espionage-laden mystery at the heart of NINJA-K:

“✮✮✮✮✮… Absolutely magnificent… Gage and Giorello are a masterful team, and their rendition of Valiant’s master spy has started strong.” – AiPT

“✮✮✮✮½… It’s gorgeous. It’s dynamic. It’s a perfect example of why you need to be paying attention to Valiant.” – Graphic Policy

“✮✮✮✮… Valiant’s hot streak in 2017 continues… A great jumping-in point for new readers.” – IGN

“✮✮✮✮✮… Ninja-K is remarkable; a triumph that takes the industry standard to a whole new level.” – The Brazen Bull

“✮✮✮✮… [NINJA-k] brings a sense of history and weight to the Ninjak mythos… A no-holds-barred thriller.” – Newsarama

“✮✮✮✮✮… Fantastic…[and] beautifully written… Make a point to pick up [NINJA-K], it’s not one to be missed!” – PopCultHQ

“Beautiful… Valiant’s best spy gives [NINJA-K] a novel quality that should be solid ground for new and returning readers.” – Multiversity Comics

“✮✮✮✮✮… A+ for [NINJA-K]… A carefully written book…[and] a pleasure to read…” – Comics: The Gathering

On December 20thChristos Gage and Tomás Giorello – plus special guests Roberto de la Torre and Ariel Olivetti – draw the circle close around Valiant’s deadliest super-spy for a 40-page orchestra of spycraft, stealth, and steel as the winter’s adrenaline-laced adventure dares onward, only in NINJA-K #2 – featuring covers by Trevor Hairsine (DIVINITY), rising star Lucas Troya, Kenneth Rocafort (The Ultimates), and Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night)!

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Cover A by TREVOR HAIRSINE (OCT171919)
Cover B by LUCAS TROYA (OCT171920)
Interlocking Variant by KENNETH ROCAFORT (OCT171922)
Ninjak Icon Variant by BEN TEMPLESMITH (OCT171923)
Blank Cover Also Available ( OCT171921)
$3.99 | 40 pgs. | T+ | On Sale DECEMBER 20th (FOC – 11/27/2017)

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