Retailer Advisory: “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” Reloads with New Printings for Sold-Out GENERATION ZERO #1 and FAITH #2 in October!

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GENZERO_001_SECOND-PRINT_COVER_MOONEYValiant is proud to announce that two acclaimed releases from “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” initiative have sold out at the distributor level and will return this fall with the GENERATION ZERO #1 SECOND PRINTING and FAITH #2 SECOND PRINTING! First announced at Valiant Summit 2016 inside New York City’s historic Upright Citizen’s Brigade theatre, Valiant’s latest must-read releases return to store shelves on October 19th with two sold-out, critically acclaimed chapters starring the breakout hero of 2016 and Valiant’s volatile teenage strike squad!

First, Valiant’s untamable team of superhuman operatives explode out of the pages of HARBINGER WARS and into their first ongoing series with the GENERATION ZERO #1 SECOND PRINTING! Join New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG, Amazing Spider-Man) and blockbuster artist Francis Portela (FAITH) as they send Valiant’s team of teenage walking warheads on their most dangerous mission yet: high school! If you have a problem… If your parents won’t help… And if your cause is worthy… Log onto network #ZERO… because Generation Zero is listening.

Jump on board here to find out why GENERATION ZERO #1 is the leading the new class of Valiant superheroes with one of the year’s most acclaimed new series debuts:

✮✮✮✮✮… The Future of Valiant is here, and based upon Generation Zero’s first issue alone, it appears to be a bright one indeed.” – Comic Book Bin

✮✮✮✮✮… To fans of Valiant comics, GENERATION ZERO’s brilliance should be no surprise. If you’re new to Valiant, this is a great place to start.” – Spartantown

✮✮✮✮✮… A mysterious, heart-pounding comic series… Wow, I cannot wait for the next issues of this series.” – Comic Bastards

✮✮✮✮✮… A must buy!” – Comics: The Gathering

✮✮✮✮✮… GENERATION ZERO is a book you need to be reading.” – GAMbIT Magazine

Then, the most successful independent superhero series of 2016 hits new heights as rising star Jody Houser (Orphan Black, Mother Panic) and sensational artists Pere Perez (ARCHER & ARMSTRONG) and Marguerite Sauvage (DC Comics Bombshells) deliver the FAITH #2 SECOND PRINTING! Trapped with no aid in sight, Faith is coming face to face with her very-first supervillain! L.A.’s own sky-soaring hero always wanted to be like the comic book characters that inspired her…but is she ready to deal with the consequences of being a bonafide superhero? And, as if a new arch-nemesis weren’t enough, a shadowy figure is closing in on Faith’s secret identity!

From international headlines to multiple sold-out copies and universal critical praise, Faith Herbert has conquered it all… Now, find out why her landmark first ongoing series is one of the most beloved debuts on 2016:

✮✮✮✮½… Charming, relatable, funny and with a worthy message…FAITH continues to be one the most fiercely likeable superhero comics on the shelves today.” – Big Comic Page

✮✮✮✮½… The writing is great…[and] the art Perez and Sauvage bring to the table is fantastic.” – Comicosity

✮✮✮✮½… FAITH is one of the freshest comics I’ve read in a long time. I want to see more comics like this.” – The Fandom Post

✮✮✮✮½… Such an enjoyable read… All of the ingredients are here for a really great series.” – Comics: The Gathering

✮✮✮✮… FAITH continues to be the superhero book I’ve always wanted…” – Geeked Out Nation

As “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” rockets onward, discover why Valiant is the most lauded publisher anywhere in comics today with two new hit releases in GENERATION ZERO #1 SECOND PRINTING and FAITH #2 SECOND PRINTING – arriving in stores on October 19th!

Then, “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” continues with an all-new wave of ongoing series, prestige format projects and standalone events from a star-studded roster of some of comics’ most visionary talents! Beginning in July with FAITH #1, “THE FUTURE OF VALIANT” will extend throughout 2016 with a total of seven epic series – each introducing an innovative array of new concepts and characters…and firmly establishing Valiant’s place as the premier publisher of creative storytelling in comics today:

  • FAITH #1 by Jody Houser, Pere Perez & Marguerite Sauvage in July
  • GENERATION ZERO #1 by Fred Van Lente & Francis Portela in August
  • BRITANNIA #1 (of 4) by Peter Milligan & Juan Jose Ryp in September
  • BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #1 (of 4) by Jeff Lemire & Doug Braithwaite in October
  • HARBINGER RENEGADES #1 by Rafer Roberts & Darick Roberston in November
  • SAVAGE #1 (of 4) by B. Clay Moore, Clayton Henry & Lewis LaRosa in November
  • DIVINITY III: STALINVERSE #1 (of 4) by Matt Kindt & Trevor Hairsine in December

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Cover by STEPHEN MOONEY (AUG168331)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale OCTOBER 19 (FOC – 9/26/16)

Written by JODY HOUSER
Cover by KEVIN WADA (AUG168330)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On Sale OCTOBER 19 (FOC – 9/26/16)














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