Valiant Debuts Official 4001 A.D. Checklist Insert in March 2016 PREVIEWS – In Stores Now!

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4001_PREVIEWS-INSERT_001The blockbuster crossover event of the summer is hitting shelves early with an advance sneak peek in Diamond Comics Distributors’ March 2016 PREVIEWS catalog – in stores now!

Before 4001 A.D. #1 (of 4) arrives in stores on May 4th, get the jump on the blistering new comics event uniting Rai with the greatest heroes of the 41st century this month in the March 2016 PREVIEWS catalog – featuring an exclusive, 5.5″ x 7.5″ checklist, bound directly into Valiant Entertainment’s catalog listings! Detailing each monumental chapter of 2016’s most anticipated comics epic, from the standalone 4001 A.D. event to the return of Valiant’s acclaimed RAI ongoing series, and four all-new one-shots revealing the future incarnations of the Valiant Universe’s most iconic heroes, THE SUMMER OF 4010 A.D. starts now with this one-of-a-kind countdown to Valiant’s latest crossover spectacular – printed on laminate cardstock and only available in PREVIEWS catalog #330!

“Valiant is putting unprecedented resources behind the launch of 4001 A.D., beginning right here with the event’s very first PREVIEWS listings,” said Valiant Publisher Fred Pierce. “From HARBINGER WARS to ARMOR HUNTERS to BOOK OF DEATH, the epic storytelling scale of our comics events has grown with each passing summer, and fans and retailers have enthusiastically responded in kind. Now, with 4001 A.D., we’re setting out to top ourselves yet again – from editorial to marketing to promotions, THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D. is going to be a definitive milestone in Valiant history.”

The must-read event of the summer begins on May 4th in 4001 A.D. #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of the long-awaited crossover colliding the futures forces of the Valiant Universe by New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt and superstar artist Clayton Crain! Then, THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D. explodes with the return of Rai’s award-winning ongoing series in RAI #13 by 4001 A.D. visionary Matt Kindt and acclaimed artist CAFU for the FIRST ISSUE of an ALL-NEW, FOUR-ISSUE JUMPING-ON POINT revealing the origin of New Japan and its very first protector!

Finally, THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D. escalates even further as an all-star cast of superstar talents come aboard to reveal what the 41st century holds for Valiant’s most iconic heroes in a new series of four indispensable one-shots! Featuring X-O Manowar, Bloodshot, Shadowman, and the debut of an all-new, top-secret character with a crucial tie to the present and future of the Valiant Universe, THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D. erupts into full force here with four new chapters from Valiant’s most acclaimed creators:

4001 A.D.: X-O MANOWAR #1
Written by Robert Venditti (BOOK OF DEATH); Art by Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS)
Coming in May

4001 A.D.: BLOODSHOT #1
Written by Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN); Art by Doug Braithwaite (ARMOR HUNTERS)
Coming in June

4001 A.D.: SHADOWMAN #1
Written by Jody Houser (FAITH) & Rafer Roberts (A&A: THE ADVENTURES OF ARCHER & ARMSTRONG); Art by Robert Gill (BOOK OF DEATH)
Coming in July

4001 A.D.: [CLASSIFIED] #1
Written by [CLASSIFIED]; Art by [CLASSIFIED]
Coming in August

Each chapter of “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” is designed for maximum accessibility and can be read in concert with the core 4001 A.D. series or stand on its own for a new vision of the future of the Valiant Universe.

Valiant’s specially manufactured PREVIEWS insert is just the latest in a series of unprecedented promotions and publicity support soon to be revealed for the publisher’s most ambitious comics event to date. Just last week at the ComicsPRO 2016 conference, Valiant revealed plans for the official 4001 A.D. time capsule – a mysterious, retailer-exclusive offering built specifically for retailers to display in their stores or on their countertops throughout “THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D.” The key to unlocking this one-of-a-kind mystery item will only be provided upon the arrival of 4001 A.D. #4 (of 4) – the final chapter of Valiant’s blockbuster event series – in late August 2016.

One hundred years from today, Father – the benevolent artificial intelligence that governs the island nation of Japan – will gain sentience. To defend its borders, Father will take drastic action by launching Japan into space…where its people can thrive in isolation, away from the overpopulated and resource-deprived planet below. Over the centuries, as New Japan orbits our increasingly unstable world, it will become a model society – one built on peace, prosperity…and Father’s control.

A thousand years from today, Father will create the first Rai, founding a lineage of technologically enhanced heroes engineered to defend New Japan and sworn to protect it from all enemies. For hundreds of years into the future, the Rai will single-handedly enforce New Japan’s justice well…and serve Father without question.

Now, at the dawn of 4001 A.D., the latest Rai is about to inherit the dark truth behind the origin of his kind…and discover the sinister secret at the heart of Father’s existence. For New Japan to live, Earth must die…and as Rai challenges his former master for the first time in more than a millennium, the lone guardian of New Japan will be cast out of his own Father’s kingdom…

Exiled from the only realm he’s ever known, Rai now walks the ravaged world of 4001 A.D. in search of forgotten heroes like himself…on a mission to collect the last surviving legends of a broken planet…and to forge a rebellion with the power to bring the most advanced civilization in history crashing back down to Earth.

Earth must rise. Father must fall. Rai! Eternal Warrior! X-O Manowar! Bloodshot! Shadowman! Geomancer! And more! The war for the ultimate fate of humanity begins in 4001 A.D. #1 (of 4) by superstar creators Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain – and continues in May and beyond as THE SUMMER OF 4001 A.D. rages on…and changes the future of the Valiant Universe for all time!

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4001 A.D. #1 (of 4)
Written by MATT KINDT
Cover A by CLAYTON CRAIN (MAR161791)
Cover B by TULA LOTAY (MAR161792)
Cover C by RYAN BODENHEIM (MAR161793)
Valiant x CGC Replica Variant by CLAYTON HENRY (MAR161794)
Character Design Variant by CLAYTON CRAIN (MAR161796)
Interlocking Mega-Cover Variant by RYAN LEE (MAR161797)
Interlocking Artist Variant by RYAN SOOK (MAR161798)
Interlocking B&W Sketch Artist Variant by RYAN SOOK (MAR161799)
Blank Cover also available (MAR161795)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale MAY 4 (FOC – 4/11/16)

4001 A.D.: X-O MANOWAR #1
Cover A by CAFU (MAR161805)
Cover B by PHIL JIMENEZ (MAR161806)
Character Design Variant by MATT KINDT (MAR161807)
Interlocking Mega-Cover Variant by RYAN LEE (MAR161808)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | ONE-SHOT | On sale MAY 11 (FOC – 4/18/16)

RAI #13 (NEW ARC! “4001 A.D.”)
Written by MATT KINDT
Art by CAFU
Cover A by DAVID MACK (MAR161800)
Cover B by CAFU (MAR161801)
Valiant x CGC Replica Variant by CLAYTON HENRY (MAR161802)
Character Design Variant by CAFU (MAR161803)
Interlocking Mega-Cover Variant by RYAN LEE (MAR161804)
$3.99 | 32 pgs. | T+ | On sale MAY 18 (FOC – 4/25/16)











































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