THE DELINQUENTS #1 Divides the Nation! (And Comic Book Retailers Too!)

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In stores today – find out why Quantum and Woody and Archer and Armstrong are splitting the U.S. of A. right down the middle for the summer’s most disastrous team-up adventure, beginning in THE DELINQUENTS #1!

As Quantum and Woody celebrate their status as the most nominated series of the year at the 2014 Harvey Awards, Valiant is in no way proud to debut two THE DELINQUENTS #1 COAST-TO-COAST RETAILER EXCLUSIVE VARIANTS – a brand new set of interlocking, limited edition variant covers by artist Brent Peeples (The Last of the Greats) featuring the story’s fabled ASS-MAP!

DELINQ_001_COV_RIVERAYou demanded it, so we delivered it! Archer & Armstrong finally meet Quantum and Woody! For decades, the underground society of American hobos guarded one secret with their lives – the route to hobo paradise…aka Big Rock Candy Mountain, U.S.A. Only one map leading to its mythical location was ever made…and it was tattooed on the butt cheeks of one lone hobo guardian! In the years since, it has been flayed, dried, and split into two halves. Archer & Armstrong have the left cheek, Quantum and Woody hold the right. These two halves are about to set the competing duos off on a cross-country rat race where “O” marks the spot – and, now, Valiant has given five exclusive retailers on each coast the opportunity to join this crudest, lewdest, and most unsportsmanlike of competitions in the history of comics!

On the West Coast, keep up with the left half of the map’s frenzied joyride with THE DELINQUENTS #1 WEST COAST RETAILER EXCLUSIVE VARIANT at Collector’s Paradise in Pasadena, CA; Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, CA; Yesteryear Comics in San Diego, CA; Samurai Comics in Phoenix, AZ; and Illusive Comics & Games in Santa Clara, CA.

And, on the East Coast, take charge and grab the right half of hobo history with THE DELINQUENTS #1 EAST COAST RETAILER EXCLUSIVE VARIANT from Discount Comic Book Service (DCBS) in Ft. Wayne, IN; Ultimate Comics in Durham, NC; A Comic Shop in Orlando, FL; Graham Crackers (all locations) in Chicago, IL; and Laughing Ogre Comics in Columbus, OH and Lansdowne, VA.

Run, don’t walk, and grab your THE DELINQUENTS #1 COAST-TO-COAST RETAILER EXCLUSIVE VARIANTS in stores today across the U.S.A.! Don’t miss the first chapter of the riotous first-ever collision between Quantum and Woody and Archer and Armstrong as Harvey Award-nominated writersJames Asmus & Fred Van Lente and red-hot artist Kano bring it on strong for THE DELINQUENTS #1!

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