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DMG Entertainment brings stories to life through the creation of films, TV, gaming, comic books, next-gen technology and more. DMG Entertainment is a respected name in the entertainment industry after producing some of the most well-known motion pictures. With a blend of both cinematic vision and financial power, this Beverly Hills-based entertainment and media company is capable of handling the most ambitious entertainment projects.

In the past, DMG has produced films such as Looper, Iron Man 3, and a stunning new 3D rendition of Terminator 2. Bigger and better things wait on the horizon for DMG. After considerable investments in next-gen AR/VR technology and various intellectual properties, DMG will entertain audiences using constantly evolving storytelling methods.

DMG Entertainment understands that telling existing stories in new ways is one of the most satisfying forms of entertainment. With the acquisition of Valiant Comics in 2018, an unexplored universe awaits movie-goers around the world. DMG now has the opportunity to tell stories of classic comic book heroes like Harbinger and Bloodshot in a completely new way. For the first time ever, these heroes won’t be limited by the constraints of their comic book pages.

With the release of Bloodshot in 2020, the stunning imagery and powerful narratives of Valiant Comics arrived on the big screen for the first time, starring Vin Diesel as the leading role. The Sony Pictures production proved that there’s plenty of room in the entertainment world for Valiant’s superheroes.

Bloodshot is just the first of many heroes that will appear in upcoming motion pictures. Fan favorites such as Harbinger, Faith, Ninjak, and many others will also find their way onto the big screen. Valiant’s familiar action-packed narratives provide endless possibilities for exciting new films.

After acquiring the rights to the Cosmere universe, DMG Entertainment will also tell Brandon Sanderson’s enchanting Sci-Fi/Fantasy stories through film for the first time. Novels such as Mistborn: The Final Empire have sold millions of copies worldwide, and they have been praised by critics and sci-fi fanatics alike. In 2013, Forbes stated that “The narrative is crafted with such bloody precision, it’s almost impossible to book the books down.”

DMG Entertainment has set aside a budget of $300 million to replicate these enchanting narratives with a brand new trilogy of movies. The Cosmere universe explores the concept of magic in a unique way, and DMG will visualize these supernatural concepts to create films that are truly one-of-a-kind.

DMG Entertainment has the full support of the Cosmere’s creator, Brandon Sanderson, who is excited to see his movies appear in movies around the world for the first time. “The people at DMG Entertainment aren’t just producers or financiers. They’re fans,” Sanderson said in a statement. “From the first moment we met, I knew they understood my vision and goals for the Cosmere, and I’ve been excited to work with them in bringing their vision for the universe to the screen.”

Virtual Reality is one of the most groundbreaking mediums for storytelling, and DMG Entertainment is at the forefront of this new technology. Arcturus is an extended reality studio under the DMG VR umbrella. This company has decades of experience working with Pixar and Dreamworks, and they’re constantly extending the boundaries of traditional storytelling.

Working from the foundation of Sanderson’s narrative masterpieces, Arcturus released The Way of the Kings: Escape the Shattered Plains. This VR experience allows players to truly enter the world of Cosmere for the first time. Virtual Reality has incredible storytelling potential, and DMG Entertainment is at the forefront of its development.

DMG Entertainment is also committed to keeping older stories alive. Under the guidance of DMG, Valiant Comics has a promising future. Multiple comic book properties are in development, and the stories of over 2,000 established characters will continue in the pages of their comic books. Founded in 1989, Valiant Comics has a solid track record of delivering some of the most engaging stories in graphic novel history.

Bloodshot has enjoyed especially notable success, with over 100 published issues and more than 7 million copies sold all around the world. Under the wing of DMG Entertainment, Valiant comic books will continue to deliver the same enthralling stories that fans have cherished and enjoyed for decades.

This is only the beginning for Valiant Comics, and as CEO Dan Mintz explained, audiences around the globe are about to become much more familiar with these stories:

“While this multi-platform initiative prioritizes both the cinematic and publishing landscapes, the intention is to expand the Valiant universe to gaming and theme parks in the future. DMG Entertainment already has Valiant-based projects in development, production, and post-production including television shows and feature films.”

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