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Bros before hobos!

After battling, befriending, breaking-up, and making-up, our suckers supreme – Quantum, Woody, Archer, and Armstrong – have finally arrived at their destination…Big Rock Candy Mountain! With their enemies rapidly gaining on them can our dreamed-up-team-up find the lost treasure of the hobos before it is too late? You’ve read the other three issues, you’ve played the board game, WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD YOU NOT SEE HOW IT ENDS?! See you at the finish line, hobolievers!

  • Price: 32
  • Rating: T+
  • Pages: 32
  • On Sale: November 26, 2014

  • Writer: James Asmus & Fred Van Lente
  • Penciler: Kano
  • Cover Artist: Paolo Rivera, Juan Doe, Cully Hamner
  • Editor: Josh Johns

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