Outside the law. Inside your head. Welcome to the Renegades.

Battered and broken after his escape from the Harbinger Foundation, telekinetic teenager Peter Stanchek only has one option left – run. But he won’t have to go it alone. Crisscrossing America with the only two people he can trust, Peter will have to activate a new team of super-powered recruits before Toyo Harada and his Harbinger shock troops can reach them first. Peter Stanchek. Zephyr. Kris. Flamingo. You’ve never met a team of super-powered teenagers quite like the Renegades. And, together, they’ll dismantle Harada’s global empire one brick at a time.

Collecting HARBINGER #6-10 by New York Times best-selling author Joshua Dysart and an all-star cast of comics’ top artistic talents, get ready for the second stunning volume of the series Ain’t It Cool News calls “simply astonishing.”

“Four words, ladies and gentlemen: Read this book NOW.” – Ain’t It Cool News
“A superb level of awesomeness.” – IGN

  • Price: $14.99
  • Pages: 128
  • On Sale: June 5, 2013

  • Writer: Joshua Dysart
  • Penciler: Phil Briones, Barry Kitson, Khari Evans, Pere Perez, Matthew Clark
  • Cover Artist: Mico Suayan
  • Editor: Warren Simons, Jody LeHeup, Josh Johns

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