An all-new printing for the oversized, deluxe hardcover collecting the landmark first year of Harbinger in the Valiant Universe!

Skipping across the country in a desperate attempt to stay one step ahead of the authorities, psionically powered teenager Peter Stanchek only has one option left: run. But he won’t have to go it alone. As the shadowy corporation known as the Harbinger Foundation draws close on all sides, Peter must find and recruit other unique individuals like himself…other troubled, immensely powerful youths with abilities beyond their control: the Renegades. Their mission? Bring the fight back to the Harbinger Foundation’s founder Toyo Harada and dismantle his global empire brick by brick…

Re-presenting HARBINGER #0-14 by New York Times best-selling writer Joshua Dysart (IMPERIUM) and an all-star cast of artistic talents – Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine, Mico Suayan, Barry Kitson and more – the first deluxe hardcover collection of the series named Best Comic Series by MTV and Crave Online and Best Superteam by Ain’t it Cool News comes complete with more than 20 pages of bonus material, including character designs, script pages, in-process artwork, and much more.

  • Price: $39.99
  • Rating: T+
  • Pages: 400
  • On Sale: September 2, 2015

  • Writer: Joshua Dysart
  • Penciler: Khari Evans, Barry Kitson, Lee Garbett, Phil Briones, Matthew Clark, Trevor Hairsine, Mico Suayan, Pere Perez
  • Cover Artist: Mico Suayan
  • Editor: Warren Simons, Josh Johns

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